The Town of Oro Valley seeks volunteers to participate in series of focus groups regarding possible revisions to the town's commercial sign code.

The meetings will last approximately two hours. They'll occur at various times in the day or evening, depending on the topic. The first two focus groups are planned for the weeks of May 10 and 17.

Topics include:

Permanent signs — codes and standards;

Illuminated sign standards;

Use of A-frame, banners and special event signage;

Real estate and home builder sign code;

Town process and procedures regarding permit application;

Master sign programs and standards.

The following criteria will be used in applicant screening:


Will be included in all topic groups;

Must have resided in the town of Oro Valley for a minimum of one year;

May not be a member of the Sign Code Task Force;

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Business representatives:

Business must be located in Oro Valley (owner residency not required);

Must be in business for a minimum of two years.

Industry representation:

Retail (small and large businesses);

Service (health care, beauty, financial and banking);


Recreation and entertainment;

Commercial leasing;

Real estate;

Construction / home building.

Special expertise areas including the following are planned as well:

Dark sky;

Representatives from sign companies;

HOA board members.

Applicants can complete a brief questionnaire online at the town's Web site, & Zoning/Sign Code Update.

Applications will be accepted throughout the project time frame, which should wrap up by the end of June.

For questions, please call Mary Davis at 229-4712, or e-mail at

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