The inpatient rehabilitation facility at Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley recently was ranked among the top 10 percent of such facilities in the nation, according to the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation.

The group, part of the nonprofit UB Foundation Activities Inc., administers the world’s largest database of rehabilitation outcomes. It based its rankings on data compiled for 804 rehabilitation facilities in the U.S. for 2007, according to a release.

“To have a rehabilitation facility that is ranked in the 97th percentile nationally is a wonderful asset to the Oro Valley and greater Tucson communities,” hospital CEO Shawn Strash said in a statement.

The rankings took into account how effectively and efficiently rehab centers care for their patients.

“Providing excellent care to our patients is something that the inpatient rehabilitation team strives for on a daily basis,” said Bonali Barua Kautz, the Oro Valley hospital’s director of rehabilitation services. “Helping patients with neurological, orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary disorders regain skill sets and leave the unit with a higher quality of life and a sense of independence is truly satisfying and provides patients with the needed continuum of care.”

The national rankings, based on a sort of “report card,” are designed to provide rehabilitation centers throughout the nation with information to help improve patient care.

“We developed the … Report Card as a tool to identify and recognize facilities that perform at a high level, to work with them to learn how they achieve high performance, and to share what we learn with others to elevate the performance of all,” said Sam Markello, the associate director of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation.

The Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley, 1551 E. Tangerine Road, is a full-service, 96-bed acute-care hospital. Its key services include cardiology, minimally invasive surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, urology, oncology, neurology and emergency medicine.

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