You’ll feel better about dropping off your kids for a sleepover if you familiarize yourself with the host family in advance.


Summer is here and families throughout Pima County are hosting sleepovers for their children and sending their young ones to friends’ homes for overnight celebrations.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that parents ask a few questions before leaving their child at a friend’s house.

The following was taken from the NFPA website and provided by Rural/Metro Fire Department.

Before you say “yes,” ask yourself:

• How well do you know the home?

• Is the home clean? Does it appear to be structurally sound?

• Is the home in a safe area?

• If the home has security bars on doors and windows, do you know for certain that the bars have quick-release devices inside, so your child could get out in an emergency?

• Is your child comfortable in the home and with all the occupants?

• Are you comfortable leaving your child in the home overnight?

How well do you know the parents?

• Are they mature, responsible and conscientious?

• Will they supervise the children throughout the stay?

• Are they cautious with smoking materials, matches and lighters and candles?

 Ask the parents:

• Are there working smoke alarms on every level, inside and outside each sleeping area? Are the alarms interconnected?

• Do they have a well-rehearsed fire escape plan that includes two ways out and a meeting place outside?

• Where will your child be sleeping? Is there a smoke alarm in the room? Are there two escape routes from the room?

• Will the parents walk through their escape plan with your child?

• Do the parents prohibit bedroom candle use by children?

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