As with all cooking styles, half the fun of grilling is getting the gear.

But if that gear doesn’t make the cooking easier or better, it’s a waste of money. This summer, Williams-Sonoma has two new items that not only simplify and improve your grilling, they also look great doing it.

First is the Grill Tray ($49.95), a gorgeous aluminum platter that can handle temperatures up to 1,000 F. Unlike most grilling trays, this one is solid, improving it’s versatility. It can do seafood, nachos, pizza or anything needing delicate treatment.

The tray also can double as a chilling plate. Pop it in the freezer for a while, then use it as a serving tray.

Also nice is the company’s new Basting Pot ($29.95), which combines a stainless steel pitcher with a lid fitted with a silicon basting brush. The pot makes it easy (and less messy) to baste your barbecue (and to store the sauce between bastings).

One note on the basting pot: The item is supposed to be dishwasher safe. But after testing and a ride through the dishwasher, decorative caps on the handles fell off. This did not affect the pot’s performance, and the company says this was a problem with prototypes that has been fixed.


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