“The Comedy Genius of Mark Twain,” a retrospective of the humorist’s short stories, essays, dialogues, monologues and poetry presented in concert format, is being performed now through June 4 at the Comedy Playhouse.

The show features Comedy Playhouse regulars Tony Eckstat, Drew Kallen, Nell Summers and Bruce Bieszki. Included in the program are Twain’s “The Facts of the Case of the Great Beef Contract,” “What Stumped the Jaybirds,” and “The Story of the Bad Little Boy.” The show’s content is appropriate for all ages.

Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 and Sunday afternoons at 3.

The production is the first in the troupe’s “The Comedy Genius of…” series. Before the end of the year, works of Robert Benchley, O. Henry and Enda Ferber will be spotlighted.

Planned for next year’s shows are P.G Wodehouse, Augustus Billings, Finlay Peter Dunne and George Fitch. 

A special introductory admission to “The Comedy Genius of Mark Twain” is being offered at $12, with discounts available for seniors and students. The Comedy Playhouse is located at 3620 N. 1st Ave., at the northeast corner of First Avenue and Prince Road. The Comedy Playhouse has lit, adjacent parking.

For reservations, call 260-6442 or email bruceb1786@aol.com.

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