A Tucson-based non-profit has doubled its course offerings in water harvesting systems design and construction.

Watershed Management Group has seen "overwhelming interest" in its water harvesting certification program, hands-on training believed to be the only course of its kind in the U.S., a release said.

To meet demand, offerings are being expanded, including outreach into metropolitan Phoenix. Courses open in January.

The water harvesting certification program provides 60 hours of hands-on training in design and installation of water harvesting earthworks, cisterns, greywater systems and sustainable landscaping. Courses are taught by WMG staff along with professionals in the field. A curriculum advisory board made up of water harvesting designers, consultants and contractors provides guidance for the course's curriculum.

Entering its third year, the program has attracted a range of participants, from professional hydrologists and landscape architects to educators, contractors and people starting their own water harvesting businesses.

WMG offers a Level 1 course, which covers all the fundamentals of water harvesting, and a Level 2 course, which builds on Level 1 to teach more advanced system designs.

Four sections of the Level 1 course and one of the Level 2 course are being offered in 2010.

Full details on the program are available on WMG's website, www.watershedmg.org. For more information on the program, contact James MacAdam at james@watershedmg.org, or call 396-3266.

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