Valentine's Day can be stressful, especially for guys. In general, guys are not expert in the romance department, no matter how much they like the lady.

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift can be torture. Flowers are always a good choice, but buying flowers can be, well, embarrassing. And the current global economic debacle isn't making things any easier. If it's tough to choose wisely when the coffers are full, how much tougher is it when the cupboard is bare?

Not to worry. There is a website to help men everywhere: Saving your bud with buds is what this website is all about. They've got the stuff you need, whether it's navigating the curious confines of a florist's shop, decorating your place so it's a place she's happy to visit, or creating great gifts that won't bust the bankroll. They are the one-stop pre-shopping spot for all your Valentine's Day advice.

As they say, girls like flowers. It has been scientifically proven. So that's what this site is all about. Trust them, there are a gazzillion ways a smart guy can use flowers to get in good with a gal, especially on Valentine's Day and regardless of his level of creativity or economic outlook. Knowing your way around flowers and those who purvey them is, in a word, smart. The scenarios on this site can show you how to use flowers to tackle tough situations.

There are pages for every situation. "You Need Professional Help" will guide you through a trip to the florist, and "Who's the Sexpot?" will unleash your inner interior decorator to turn your place into a great place to bring a date. For those of you looking to be liked more for less, we refer you to "Buds on a Budget." They even have pages for those that are not young, single straight guys.

As you cruise the site, you'll notice they put two great weapons in your arsenal: potted flowers and cut flowers. Potted flowers are, well, in a pot. They are growing. Cut flowers are (yes, you're getting it) cut. They are no longer officially growing, except tulips, but that's another story.

Use this site any way you like. You can go directly to the flower information (cut flowers or potted flowers). Or you can look at their Scenarios section, and decide which bud's right for yours. The key point of this website is that, when it comes to flowers, you should, as they say "Be Bold" and "Have Fun." This isn't rocket science. Flowers can even be more fun when you put your own personal stamp on things. There are no "Flower Police" lurking to come arrest you. There's only your sweetheart, incredibly impressed at all the effort you took to make smile appear on their face.

The site guarantees that "You will win points for this. So take heart. Even when the budget numbers are gloomy, you can still pull a tulip, if only one single, incredible tulip, out of the hat and brighten up that special occasion."

And have a great Valentine's Day!

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