Denzel Washington is widely known as one of the best actors in Hollywood. I agree; however, not all of his movies can be amazing. His latest movie, "The Book of Eli," is anything but amazing.

In the Hughes Brothers "The Book of Eli," Washington plays a mysterious man wandering across post-apocalyptic America carrying a sacred book that can save humankind. Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman also star.

What makes this movie so dreadful is not so much the plot as the script. There are parts of the script that are so utterly ridiculous that I laughed out loud in the theater. Fortunately, there was only my dad, a friend of mine, myself and another man in the theater, so it wasn't that big of a distraction. 

There are many aspects of this film that made me laugh, such as an extended segment of the film involving two hillbilly cannibals named George and Martha, and the twist at the end (which totally ruined the movie for me), but there is one line that really got to me.

After picking up Mila Kunis's character Solara, she asks Denzel's character Eli what he is doing. He informs her of his mission to take the book from the east coast to the west coast. She asks him how long he has been walking for and he tells her 30 years. Let me reiterate, it has taken him 30 years to walk across the country.

Denzel's acting isn't unwatchable in this movie, nor is Gary Oldman's. Mila Kunis seemed extremely underused to me. Kunis tends to be underused in  everything she has been in, with the exceptions of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "That '70s Show" and "Family Guy."

Also, the action in the movie gets ridiculous after a while. For the first half hour or so, the hand-to-hand combat is extremely well-choreographed and fun to watch. Then the fist fighting dissipates and turns into pointless shoot-outs.

Not all movies can be good, and this one is far from it. It's a shame too, because this flick had some potential. A half star out of five. If you're in the mood to go see a movie, go see "Crazy Heart" or "From Paris With Love" instead.

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