Volunteering: Get lost in the stacks
Explorer file photo, Numerous volunteer opportunities exist at the Oro Valley Public Library, from shelving to manning the used bookstore.

One looking to get involved in the community this summer needs to look no further than the local library, according to one volunteer coordinator.

The repository of knowledge and bastion of quietude could always use a helping hand, according to Becky Blount, who leads volunteer efforts in support of the Oro Valley Public Library.

“We have great volunteers,” Blount said. “We probably couldn’t function without them.”

While the town’s library routinely makes use of a corps of regular helpers who work an average of two to three hours a week, according to Blount, other jobs need doing.

“Primarily our volunteers do shelving,” she said.

But the library’s key nonprofit benefactor, The Friends of the Library, runs a used bookshop, which is staffed by volunteers. The group also organizes various fund-raising events throughout the year, including a book sale and a festival.

The library also maintains family and teen advisory boards, Blount said. These groups, made up of volunteer members, help the library conceive of and pull off various programs and activities for youngsters and teens.

The entire Pima County Public Library system holds extensive opportunities for volunteers. For more information about volunteering at other county libraries, call 795-3763 or e-mail the Friends of the Pima County Public Library at fpcpl@qwest.net. Or, you can download a volunteer application online at www.ftppl.org.

For more information about opportunities at the Oro Valley Public Library, go online to the town’s Web site, www.orovalleyaz.gov. The minimum age to help is 12 years old, so helping out in the stacks can be a family affair. For additional information, call 229-5319.

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