There’s nothing like entertaining friends and family in the comfort of your home. It’s not only less expensive, but more enjoyable as you have full control over the food, drinks and guest list.

And fun entertainment spaces can be easily created in any size home, with just a few tweaks, without the need for costly additions or large investments.

 “Nowadays you can entertain with professional flair without blowing your home improvement budget,” said Todd Hall, president of Glastender, maker of commercial bar and food equipment. “You just need to find the right upgrades.”

Game room romp

While rec rooms may be a thing of the past, game rooms are making a comeback. When setting up a game room, include physical activities as well as video games. Billiards, ping pong and darts are all-time favorites with kids and adults. 

If you have the space, consider an indoor arcade game. These days, consoles are available with cabinets that resemble vintage arcade classics, yet feature multiple vintage and modern games. You can also set up “offline” stations with playing cards, board games and other activities for the youngest and oldest family members. It’s sure to foster quality time (and friendly competition) with your friends and family.

Wet bar chic

Nothing beats enjoying a nice drink with friends. But instead of opening a six-pack, consider ways to serve guests in style. Home wet bars, such as those made by Glastender, allow you to entertain like a professional bartender. For example, a drop-in cocktail station installs like a kitchen sink and incorporates the same elements as a commercial bar line-up, but in designs intended for the home.

And there’s no need to confine cocktails to just one area. You can opt for a built-in indoor or outdoor cocktail station that stands alone, like an island or grill. Or you can choose a rolling cocktail cart that lets you take parties outdoors in decent weather.

Look for commercial-grade options, such as bottle storage rails, wells for cold beer or soda, ice bins, and drain boards for freshly washed glasses. For more options for creating home cocktail stations, visit

Big time flicks

The price of movie tickets is rising, but new flicks are going to DVD often in as little as three months. Now is a great time to set up or improve your own in-home theater. 

Obviously you will need a screen big enough so everyone can see. You may also want to indulge in movie theater seats and a vintage popcorn machine. Or you can go extra comfy with a big fluffy couch, cushions and bean bags. 

 “Whether you are looking to add a home theater, a wet bar or a cozy seating area choose upgrades that will make guests feel like they’re being taken out for a night on the town,” said Hall.

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