Growing up as an only child in a musical family, Michael Veres knew Beethoven and Bach before he happened on to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd.  His father is a retired Orchestra Director, Laslo Veres, and his mother a former singer with the Tucson Opera Company; now a voice teacher.  One would think that Michael’s passion would be in performing arts, but instead he loves to cook and started doing so as a child.  

Michael trained with the American Chef’s Federation (ACF) program and was a member of the Southern Arizona Chef’s Association for many years.  He worked at the Sheraton’s El Conquistador Resort during his four year’s of training in all aspects of cooking, and in all that resort’s restaurants. During his schooling he was invited as an apprentice to the James Beard Cooking School in Manhattan, a coveted honor for any aspiring chef.  

 His experiences include five years at Daniel’s, laterbought out by Acaia, in St. Phillips Plaza; Kingfisher in Tucson; the Sheraton Laurel’s restaurant in Dallas; the Mansion at Turtle Creek (Dallas) and then became owner and manager for eight years of his own restaurant in Tucson known as Cibaria.  This restaurant specialized in Italian food and Michael’s specialization of sauces made the place a favorite eating spot.  During his restaurant ownership years he was the weekly-featured chef on Channel 4 KVOA News at Noon.

 Much to the good fortune of Heritage Highlands he sold his restaurant and was hired as the Food and Beverage Director in 2009.  During his tenure he has introduced many new concepts to the community, including Steak and Grill It Nights, international buffets, pasta bars, wine dinners, Sunday Brunch, cooking demonstrations for special groups and obtained a pizza oven for the kitchen.  

At the same time the food and beverage staff has increased the weddings and receptions significantly.

Michael has brought fiscal responsibility to the food and beverage area, refined the staffing levels and provided open and congenial communication between departments.  

 Michael is married and has two daughters:  a 23-year-old, who is joining the FBI, and a 17-year-old high school senior, who will appear as Ariel in the “Little Mermaid,” this fall.  The musical interest may have skipped a generation, but it’s The Highlands at Dove Mountain that has benefitted from Michael’s culinary arts.  

The Highlands at Dove Mountain are located at 4949 W. Heritage Club Blvd.

To make reservations, call (520) 579-9583. For catering, call (520) 579-8881, or visit

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