If you have not been challenged with moving your family across cities, towns, states or counties in your lifetime, let me be the first to tell you it is extremely challenging yet completely satisfying, once you land in a community that you can call home.

As I first stepped foot into The Explorer’s building in September of 2011, I asked numerous employees a simple question, “Where should I live?” Everyone’s answer was quick and to the point, “Anywhere in the Northwest, it’s a great community to raise kids, excellent food, extremely low crime rate and the best parks and schools you will come by. Simply put, it’s a community that cares.” Needless to say, for a little over a year now my wife and kids call the Northwest our home, and would not change that decision for anything.

Moving into our new home and community had its ups and downs as all moves tend to do, but as we started to venture out and discover what the Northwest had to offer, we were at a stand still as we did not have much direction other than The Explorer, co-workers, and the internet. This very reason is why The Explorer decided to create “Discover The Northwest,” an annual publication allowing residents, new comers, winter visitors and many more to discover the qualities and benefits the Northwest has to offer.

Come inside this special publication and discover what makes up the Northwest, the large community it has become, and the possibilities that await. Not only myself, but also the entire team at The Explorer, are proud to serve this growing community, and to allow all residents to discover what makes the Northwest a great place to live, play, relax and raise a family, all with gorgeous mountain views.

A special thank you to all of the residents and readers of The Explorer as you are the powerhouse that makes us strive to be a better publication year in and year out.

Ryan Kedzierski


The Explorer

P.S. A very special thanks to my wife Gwen and children Haley, Dustin, Jacob, Samantha, Alyssa, Zachary and my twin baby girls Sophia and Isabella.

I thank you for your support and following me to this great community we call home.

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