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Thursday 06/18/2015
Love the real story of South Carolina tragedy
Posted: June 18, 2015 - 2:42 pm

Reading stories about the tragic shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has hit pretty close to home today.

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Wednesday 06/10/2015
We Say: Marine reminds us how grateful we are
Updated: June 11, 2015 - 2:15 pm

Fortunately, the news is something we hear less often, but it certainly has not gone away.

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My Turn: There are jobs available in Tucson
Updated: June 11, 2015 - 2:15 pm

One month ago, I was living in the middle of the best economy in the nation. Even with a slowdown in oil drilling, in western North Dakota, jobs were plentiful, pay was high and anyone who wanted to work was working.

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Wednesday 06/03/2015
Are recalls right?
Posted: June 03, 2015 - 4:00 am

After two weeks back in Tucson, I admit there is a lot I have to learn, especially about communities like Oro Valley and Marana.

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How do we learn what we know?
Posted: June 03, 2015 - 4:00 am

During discussions with people about education I like to ask the question “How did you learn what you know?” They typically respond with two rather obvious answers: 1) parents, and 2) teachers. 

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Trust, but verify Gov. Ducey’s intentions to rid Arizona of Common Core
Posted: June 03, 2015 - 4:00 am

Gov. Ducey now says he wants to “review” the Common Core, imposed on Arizona schools back in 2010 without a single hearing or public meeting, in his attempt to show he is against federal overreach into our state’s schools.

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Wednesday 05/27/2015
My Turn: I’ve come home
Posted: May 27, 2015 - 4:00 am

Last year, LeBron James got a lot of attention when he announced he was going home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Nonessential spending in Pima County continues
Posted: May 27, 2015 - 4:00 am

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has proposed another increase in your wastewater rates. The board hearing for this increase will be held in August. The request   includes a 3 percent rate increase per year for the next two years along with an increase for one time sewer connection fees.   Wastewater management reported   operations costs were much higher than originally estimated. Revenue projections were far more optimistic than what has actually occurred. Both population and job growth have been flat resulting in slower growth in wastewater revenues. This slow growth isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Pima County residents have already seen their wastewater bills skyrocket more than 300 percent in the past 10 years to pay for $700 million in wastewater debt.

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Wednesday 05/13/2015
We Say: To continue to have
Posted: May 13, 2015 - 4:00 am

I am one of the fortunate ones to say I have. I have what I need to be happy. I have my children, my husband, friends family and a wonderful home. Like many, I fear becoming one of society’s have nots. Given how companies cut back, cut corners and look solely at the bottom line – I worry about becoming a have not.

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Wednesday 05/06/2015
We Say: Having a hero
Posted: May 06, 2015 - 4:00 am

Over the last week, my 9-year-old daughter came home excited about her school project where she gets to write about her hero. She explained that it had to be someone living, and it couldn’t be something like a car, because you know, “that’s not a living thing, mom.”

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