Over the last three years, I’ve been stopping by an oasis in our desert, where I’m pampered during every visit with cool libations, the beauty of fresh flowers, and above all, the luxury of being treated like a VIP.  What exclusive spa or salon is this, you might ask?  Actually, it’s Southern Arizona Endodontics, located at 7493 N. Oracle Rd.  For the majority of the last three years, Dr. Chris Douville kept an eye on an area in possible need of a root canal with pop-in visits.  Who thought I could actually enjoy these three or four times a year checkups?

Not me, the quintessential Nervous Nellie about medical procedures, as I contemplated my first appointment.  When I entered the relaxing environment, my butterflies were replaced by a feeling of calm.  Here one finds that perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology with recognition of all those extras that elevate even the root canal experience to practically painless.

Some of the extras include cookies with some complimentary drinks, complimentary wi-fi, and every Monday they hand out fresh, long-stemmed roses to patients. As luck would have it, one of my appointments with Dr. D. was on a Monday.  The rose even had a scent.

I was greeted and led back to an individual cubicle by one of his friendly assistants, attired in crisp lavender shirt and black slacks.  During the few minutes before Dr. D. arrived, I looked up at some art work and fluffy clouds on the ceiling and even had my choice of music to calm the anxiety.

All this attention reflects the vision of SAE to do everything to make the patient feel comfortable and also give the best care possible.

Dr. D. explains things and takes time to answer any questions, never giving me the feeling that he is rushing to get on to the next patient.

Although it would have been easier and more lucrative for Dr. D. to set up an appointment for a root canal during that first visit, he took a more conservative approach and suggested pop-in visits every three months or so, to make sure the procedure was needed.

That’s the kind of patient care to which one can quickly become addicted.  But going the extra mile doesn’t stop with the patient.  A few months back I noticed a very impressive looking granite award sitting on the counter.  Turns out SAE won the Copper Cactus Award in 2010.  This annual award, given out by Wells Fargo Bank, designated SAE as the best company to work for in Tucson for its size.  So this group of l0 endodontists has their staff as top priority, along with the patients.

Fast forward to mid- August, this time the news wasn’t so great.  I had the root canal August l9.  Thanks to Dr. D’s skillful touch, it was a piece of cake.

At this time, I’m having no dental problems.  But, if the unexpected should occur, I know that at Southern Arizona Endodontics I’m in good hands.

Besides good work, SAE sets the gold standard for giving back to the community.  Take Dr. D. for instance.  Every year he volunteers a day of his time to work with graduating University of Arizona medical students and nurses who will be doing missionary work overseas. He trains them in pathology of the mouth, teaching them how to give a shot in the gums and how to do a filling.  

Once a year, SAE also closes its office so the entire staff can participate in Hopefest, inviting other dental professionals to volunteer with them to see patients free of charge.  In 2011, more than 700 patients were seen through Hopefest.  

Other volunteer work includes caring for patients through Saint Elizabeth Health Center.

In addition to the Northwest side office, there is also an Eastside location at 1011 N. Craycroft Rd.

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