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Rachel Rulmyr works out at Koko FitClub about four times a week, which she says has helped her tennis game.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

While some spend more than an hour a day at a fitness facility and pay for a personal trainer in addition to a gym membership, others have been using Koko Fitclub in Oro Valley for less money, less time, and are getting the same, if not better, results.

As members enter the fitness club, located at 10785 N. Oracle Road, they go to one of the five machines and use it for their entire workout. For cardio, there are treadmills and elliptical machines.  After plugging in their personal USB key into the machine, it loads a personalized catered workout specific to what they want to get out of their workout.

At Koko Fitclub, customers can customize their plans by choosing either a weight-loss regiment or a sports performance workout schedule.

The equipment is also helpful to those recovering from breast cancer or those who have arthritis or diabetes and everything in between.

The screen on each machine guides the patron throughout their workout, giving them different exercises all on the same machine. While performing each workout, the screen displays a rectangle moving slowly up and down. There is also a line, which moves up and down when you pull and release the exercise equipment. The goal is to keep your bar within the rectangle as they both move up and down.

This element controls the pace of the workout, making the gym-patron get a typical 91-minute gym workout in about 30 minutes.

Owner Gary Durrenberger says having the fitness achievements and advancements documented and retained on each person’s USB key helps each person track their improvements.

“We are efficient, effective and affordable. We have just taken the guess work completely out of the workout,” Durrenberger said of the club that is $69 a month. “The results are there. We have the ability to capture the data and have all of the metrics to show exactly how much stronger each individual is.”

Rachel Rulmyr, who has been a member of the fitness club since February, uses the club about four times a week to build up her strength for playing tennis.

“I wanted to gain strength and I felt that I didn’t want to pay a personal trainer to help me out four times a week,” Rulmyr said of the personally paced and flexible workout schedule.

Rulmyr likes the fact that she can see where she is improving and knows the machine will tell her what her exact workout will be.

“I know I am doing it at the right pace and I am doing the right weight for me,” Rulmyer said. “I didn’t want to hurt myself with trying to do too heavy of weights.”

Durrenberger has seen firsthand people change their lives at his club since it opened last August. One of the biggest and most common changes he sees is the strength gain in women.

One woman in particular came to the club who had been in remission for several years from breast cancer, but had gained weight over those years.

“She had tried everything else under the sun and nothing worked,” Durrenberger said. “When she first came in, she could bareley get on and off the machines. Her balance was horrible, her confidence was even worse.”

About three weeks after working out at Koko Fitclub, she came up to him and told him, “‘I dropped my pen, and I bent down and picked it up without holding on to anything.’ That’s something that you and I take for granted, but for her it was huge,” Durrenberger said.

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