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Dr. Judson S. Lee is a chiropractor at The Joint, which opened a couple months ago on North Oracle Road. The Joint is part of a nationwide franchise and is the only one in Tucson.

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nationwide franchise offering chiropractic care, The Joint has more than 375 clinics throughout the U.S., and recently opened another in Northwest Tucson.

Headed by chiropractor Dr. Judson S. Lee, The Joint focuses on providing customers with good chiropractic care that is reasonably priced. 

The Joint is located on North Oracle Road, just south of Sprouts Farmers Market and next to Massage Envy.

“The purpose of this place is to make it convenient and affordable,” said Lee. “Because we don’t deal with insurance, people aren’t going to have large co-pays or big deductibles. We bring the price down below most co-pays and have affordable monthly programs so people can come and get regular chiropractic care.”

A person does not need to schedule an appointment to get chiropractic care at The Joint. The first visit for a customer is $19, which includes a consultation, adjustment and exam. After that, each office visit is $29. 

The Joint also offers individual and family plans.

What makes The Joint more affordable is they only do chiropractic care. Other chiropractic offices often offer massages, x-rays and therapy, which ends up making a visit more expensive. Since they only focus on chiropractic care, The Joint works closely with other professionals in the community in order to help customers receive the best possible care.

“We believe that our goal is to be good chiropractors and we need to work with other professionals and let them do their profession as well,” said Lee. 

The benefit to having a franchise nationwide is that customers can receive the same care and treatment from The Joint in a different state. There was a motorcyclist who was riding along the west coast and was able to get chiropractic care at The Joint in Tucson and then once he arrived in San Diego, explained Lee. 

“Being able to do that allowed for an easy transition for him,” said Lee. “Once he got to San Diego a doctor was able to pull up his file information and give him the exact chiropractic care that he needed.”

The Joint plans to keep expanding the franchise throughout the U.S. as they strive to provide chiropractic care that keeps customers’ bodies healthy.



The Joint


Dr. Judson S. Lee


7645 N. Oracle Road, Suite #160

Tucson, AZ 85704






Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



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