Amber Lights

Amber Lights Senior Living Community was voted the best in its category for the Explorer’s Best of the Northwest.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

As one of only two accredited assisted/independent living homes in Tucson, it’s evident Amber Lights does things just a little bit different than the rest.

That’s a good thing for the 136 residents that call the location home.

Following the motto of “Genuine Hospitality,” staff members make it their daily goal not only to provide residents with the essentials, but to serve as a resource and friend.

“We are able to interact and make a difference everyday,” said Executive Director Dennis Scalpone. “I’ve had jobs in the past where as soon as you get a resident in the building, you were looking to get another resident in the building, and that’s not the important factor. The important factor is to take care of the residents in the building, and more residents will come.”

Currently 96 percent occupied, it seems word has gotten around that Amber Lights is a great place to call home, and recent renovations and additions only supplement that fact. In the past year, the facility has upgraded its parking lot and activity room, remodeled its salon and arts and crafts room, added a movie theater and exercise room, and received new paint and carpet throughout.

“The residents are loving the changes,” said Scalpone.

Amidst a long list of available activities, residents can catch live entertainment, play bingo or poker, participate in water fitness, or, physician permitting, partake in some adult beverages at the facility’s bar.

If residents should ever desire activities outside of the community, Amber Lights provides transportation services for outings.

Even with all the options available, employees are always looking for ways to improve the overall experience by asking residents for feedback.

Scalpone said his staff plays a huge role in the overall success of the operation.

“You can hire and train employees on their duties, but you cannot hire a personality trait or patience, and I think that is what we do best,” he said.

The close relationship formed between employees and residents was exemplified in one instance, when a housekeeper noticed a guest’s room was becoming increasingly less tidy over time, which was unusual for that particular guest.

“The housekeeper knew enough about this resident that they take care of, and they reported it to the nursing staff and were able to get this resident to the doctor,” said Scalpone. “The resident was coming down with an infection, and we were able to get it corrected before it became a really big problem. To me – that touched me.”

Amber Lights is located at 6231 N. Montebella Road

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