The Tucson region still offers some of the nation’s lowest fuel prices, but that news probably doesn’t offer much comfort to local motorists.

In fact, as of last week, fuel prices in Pima County and Tucson hit all-time records, according to AAA Arizona, which tracks fuel prices nationwide.

Sure, it’s cheaper here than most anywhere. But, it still can cost up to $50 to fill a four-cylinder Honda Accord. And woe to you if you drive a Hummer, which filling from bone dry will cost about $120.

Locally, the average price per gallon for unleaded gasoline stood at $3.817 on Tuesday, June 17, according to, a Web site that, among other things, tries to pinpoint for drivers the least expensive places to fill up throughout town.

Just last week, prices per gallon for unleaded gas reached $3.839 in Pima County and $3.825 in Tucson, according to AAA. Both were record highs.

Nationwide, the average price per gallon of unleaded on Tuesday stood at $4.078, according to AAA statistics. The statewide average for Tuesday was $4.079.

At some point in recent history, Arizona boasted the nation’s lowest price per gallon.

In poor Gorda, Calif., a small town 70 miles south of Monterey with just one gas station, the price per gallon stands at about $6.

For its part, AAA continues to urge Congress to curb speculation in the crude commodities market.

“The cost of crude has more than doubled over the last year and very little, if any, of the price increase has to do with supply and demand fundamentals,” said Linda Gorman, AAA Arizona public affairs manager.

But, most experts concede, there may be little the government can do about surging prices at the pump.

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