Andrea Blattberg

Senior Placement Advisor Andrea Blattberg works to help seniors find living quarters that meets their needs.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Feeling like she wasn’t able to give all her help to the elderly, Senior Placement Advisor Andrea Blattberg decided to start her own business, which helps with the transition of aging seniors to different living situations.

Blattberg had been a marketing director in the health industries for 10 years until deciding to start her own business called ABC Senior Advisors.  The ABC is part of the business motto, which says: “As Simple as ABC...because Andrea Blattberg Cares.”   

Before Blattberg started ABC Senior Advisors, she worked at Clare Bridge of Oro Valley, Mountain View Retirement Village and others, which gave her ample experience and connections within the senior community of Tucson.

“I known every senior community in town and adult care homes so that really helped start my business,” said Blattberg. “I just wanted to be able to help families to find the right setting for their loved ones that was within their budget. Starting my own business helps me do that.”

ABC Senior Advisors is a free service that is available seven days a week.  The process often starts with Blattberg asking questions to find out more about why the person is calling and often what follows is a personal assessment of the senior.  The calls are usually from adult children who want to have their parents cared for in a place that is suitable to their living style, preferences and health needs.  

“It can often be daunting for families to try and figure this out on their own,” said Blattberg. “There are 303 different living homes in Southern Arizona they could choose from.  So knowing I can help their experience be less stressful is very rewarding.”

Although, the service is free, Blattberg is paid by the community or care homes for her work.  She services up to 10 people per week and focuses on living homes in Southern Arizona and a few in Phoenix.  

She is grateful for the help of her husband Marty, who is a licensed assistant living manager, who started working with her a couple months back.  

Apart from her every day work, Blattberg speaks at educational seminars, off and on, in Sun City and SaddleBrooke.  She focuses on educating people about different senior living options, levels of care, veterans’ benefits and the importance of long term health care insurance.  

At the end of the day, Blattberg said she genuinely loves her job and cares for the people that she works with.

“I make sure to check on the families because you never know if things might change and they’ll need my help again,” said Blattberg. “I also send birthday cards to the seniors and often see them if I drop by one of the care homes.  At the end of the day, it makes me feel good to know that I did just one right thing.”

Blattberg is pleased with how well her business has done and hopes that it continues to expand and grow so she can help more people.

For more information on ABC Senior Advisors, visit the website at

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