Freshly baked cinnamon rolls are pulled out of the oven as the sweet aroma fills the kitchen. Though it is early in the morning, employees at Copper Creek Cookies & Fresh Catering prepare for the day by baking the rolls and cookies.

Tami Peek and her mother-in-law, Joyce Schulte, own Copper Creek Cookies & Fresh Catering. They opened in 2005 and rented a few buildings before settling at a permanent location on 4249 West Ina Road. Even though the store is hidden from those driving on West Ina Road, Peek and Schulte’s baked food has earned a name for itself and has kept a steady flow of customers for many years.

Copper Creek Cookies & Fresh Catering offers cookies, comfort food, cinnamon rolls and catering. Customers can buy frosted cookies, logo cookies, or bouquets of cookies. Peek uses her artistic, creative touch to make the cookie bouquets for graduations, themed parties, sports events, holidays and more. Peek and Schulte also make logo cookies, often times for businesses or political groups. In the past they’ve made cookies for the parties of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Gov. Jan Brewer. 

“It’s amazing all we’ve done and the people we’ve met, because of being in the business as long as we have,” said Schulte.

Apart from the sweet desserts, Peek and Schulte’s offer a variety of comfort food dishes. One of their signature dishes is the sunrise calzolis, which is bread stuffed with bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, bacon, peppers and cheese. Other dishes include chicken potpie calzoli, bacon cheeseburger calzoli, poppers, rolls and more. 

“A lot of people say it’s like their mom’s kitchen,” said Peek. “They call and ask ‘what’s for lunch?’”

Meals at Copper Creek Cookies & Fresh Catering vary every day. Peek and her husband, Clint, experiment with recipes so that they can offer their customers new food on a frequent basis. 

“People usually come in and ask what we have for the day instead of telling us what they want,” said Peek. 

“Most of our customers are not even really customers anymore,” said Clint Peek. “They’re extended family.”

Aside from the two tables for customers and a desk for the owners to work at, the business is primarily one big kitchen. Customers are welcome to sit down and eat or talk with the employees and watch them bake. 

“We love our customers,” said Tami Peek. “It’s really a fun little place.”

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