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Jay Lotoski and wife Hilary Backlund work as a team at Long Realty where they help clients walk through the process of buying a home.

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Almost every person comes to a point in their life where they take the bold and courageous step to buy their first home. Having knowledgeable people who look out for your interests more than their own is something realtors Jay Lotoski and wife Hilary Backlund, of Long Realty Company, make their first priority. 

“I don’t necessarily feel like a salesperson,” said Lotoski. “I feel more like a tool that the buyers and sellers can use to get all the proper information and put themselves in a good spot that they can make the right decision for themselves.”

The couple moved to Tucson in 2005 for a change of climate where Backlund worked in marketing and Lotoski in insurance for the next four years. Despite the declining economy, Backlund convinced her husband to quit his job and join her in opening a real estate business in January 2010. What some people may think is a crazy decision – both soon found to be a learning and rewarding experience.

“I think a positive was we never knew a good market. So for us that was it and when we started to have some success in that market we realized it wasn’t that bad,” said Lotoski. “We were dedicated and had a hard work ethic.”

Long Realty has been an integral part of not only Tucson, but Arizona as a whole when it comes to helping homebuyers and sellers. For more than 87 years, Long Realty sales associates have used their professional skills to help clients make one of the biggest decisions of their lives – Lotoski and Backlund consider themselves fortunate to be part of such a decision.

“Knowing that someone trusted you in the first place to make such a big decision but actually feel so good about it later in knowing that they did the right thing – that’s the best part for me,” said Lotoski.

A common question the couple received when they first started as realtors was why should we choose you? In order to prove themselves as dependable realtors and build a reputation, the two worked harder and longer hours – it paid off as their clientele increased due to positive referrals. Whether it’s first time homebuyers or multi-billion dollar investments, the two have worked with both types of clients as well as those in between. “It’s really gratifying for us to help people,” said Backlund. “We are very dedicated and try to get back to our clients as promptly as possible. That’s something they appreciate.”

Long Realty recently moved its office to 8540 N. Oracle Road where they are located in Building 2.

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