Putting pen to paper, Mona Flax spends hours each day at her job bringing back to life the memories of her clients’ past.

“It’s reassuring for them to know that they won’t be forgotten once they’re gone,” said Flax. “I love to watch their faces when I see my clients see their story come to life. They realize then that their life is something - it’s magical.”

Flax is a personal historian and president of Your Memory Scribe, which is a business that focuses on turning memories and photos into keepsake books. Families that have an elderly family member that will likely be passing away soon can find comfort in having Flax write a book about that person. Flax sits down with her clients to figure out how they want the book about their family member to be formatted and then spends 250 hours putting the story together.

“I really enjoy the contact with my clients. They put their trust in me in getting exactly what they want,” said Flax. “Each project is customized. Some people want just a simple manuscript story of a life or a full personal family history or a photograph book.”

Scrapbooking was always something that Flax was interested in. Growing up she was always her family’s memory keeper – reorganizing her parent’s photo albums or scrapbooking about fun memories or events. It wasn’t until after retiring from 15 years of writing newsletters, ghost writing and working in public relations that Flax turned her scrapbooking hobby into a career.

She started by joining the Association of Personal Historians, which is a 600-member national organization and joined a local creative writing class at the library. The class served as a time for those attending to read their stories or writings and receive input.  Through this experience, Flax grew in her writing and was even more motivated to start her own business.  Your Memory Scribe began in early 2012.

As the only one working for her business, Flax takes on no more then two books at a time. Book lengths range from 150 to 300 pages.

“People may think that’s a lot to write about one person but it’s actually not that much,” said Flax. “It’s important to know that everyone has a story to tell. People describe themselves as just ordinary people, but everyone has a special story.”

Flax works with an editor, graphic designer and book binding company once she completes writing her client’s book to ensure that the project is professionally completed and meets required specifications .

“The book is an emotional help for preserving the life stories of themselves or others. It’s a great boost for their self-esteem,” said Flax. “In the end I just want my clients to be happy with the story.”

For more information, Flax can be reached 740-501-1299.

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