Establishing his store in the heart of a cycling community, owner Steve Morganstern opened Bicycle Ranch in hopes of offering bike services to people of all ages.

Bicycle Ranch’s parent store is located in Scottsdale where it has been in business for more than 20 years. The current owners have run the store for the last five years and are friends of Morganstern who approached them with the desire to extend their store name into Tucson. With years of cycling under his belt, Morganstern found himself opening his own store on Ina and Oracle roads on Sept. 28.

“We are here to provide services for all brands and all styled bikes – just not motor bikes,” said Morganstern. “Cycling has always been a passion of mine and I’m just trying to increase that culture here and have more people learn about cycling.”

The store primarily sells Giant and Cannondale bike brands. From cycling parts for kids to hybrid and high-end bikes for advanced cyclists, Bicycle Ranch offers cycling gear for all ages. 

“It’s a family show,” said Morganstern. “At 11 years old, I had my first ride. It was a fifty-mile ride and I’ve been hooked ever since. The feeling and motion of cycling is the closest thing to flying.”

One of the ways Morganstern gives his store personality is by having a counter area with seating where cyclists can come relax and socialize. Cyclists can talk about the latest cycling tour, ask questions or watch their bike get fixed by experienced bike mechanics. Bicycle Ranch also offers weekly Saturday morning rides for cyclists of all ages and all experiences. After the 45-mile ride throughout the Tucson area, cyclists ride back to the store and are served coffee and bagels.

The store in Scottsdale offers different groups for cyclists to ride in based on experience – something that Morganstern plans to implement as more people join.

Over time, Morganstern plans to put on more gatherings where cyclists, especially beginners, can be informed and educated on the sport.

“People come to train and ride here especially because winters are great here and it’s one of the best cities to do it in,” said Morganstern. “We’ve had a good amount of traffic so far and hopefully that continues.”

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