Sequels marks its anniversary
Explorer file photo, Sequels Upscale Retail, the North Oracle store operated by the Amphitheater Public Schools Foundation, marks its first anniversary with an event this week.

Sequels Upscale Resale, a clothing and accessories boutique intended to benefit the Amphitheater Public Schools Foundation, is approaching its first anniversary with sales growth ahead of projections, according to foundation president Lisa Humenik.

“We are on target with our business plan, which is to break even by the 18th month of operation,” Humenik said. “We are three months ahead of schedule.”

Sequels has had average sales growth of 8 percent a month in its first 11 months, a release said. In October, Sequels experienced a 34 percent increase in sales. Additionally, the number of items being donated or consigned has jumped.

The store has three paid staff, and a number of volunteers. An oversight committee of foundation board members has operated the store. Humenik said the search process for a manager is moving forward, with interviews this week.

“We wanted to see how things got started, and what model worked best, so we’re moving ahead with that now,” she said.

Sequels opened in November 2007. When it generates proceeds, they’ll be used in support of Amphitheater foundation programs in the schools, including the 21st Century Classrooms Initiative. The foundation is a nonprofit organization that “promotes academic excellence through the expansion of resources that enrich the education, development, and well-being of students in the Amphitheater Public Schools.”

The National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops recently described the resale industry as one of the few “recession-proof “ segments of retailing.

“The appeal is twofold … consumers are attracted to buying quality merchandise at a fraction of the original cost, and there is also a financial incentive to sell, consign or donate their unused or unwanted items,” the release said.

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