Oro Valley Eye Care

Dr. Robert Mitchell of Oro Valley Eye Care.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

For the past couple years Oro Valley Eye Care has steadily grown under the ownership and care of Dr. Robert Mitchell.

Dr. Robert Mitchell has a Bachelors of Science degree from Brigham Young University and an optometry degree from University of Houston.  He is also part of the American and Arizona Optometric Association.

Wanting to take a chance to start his first business, Dr. Mitchell opened Oro Valley Eye Care in September 2010.  From the first to the second year the company grew by 50 percent and has had a steady increase of customers since then.  Besides reaching out to the community, Oro Valley Eye Care has grown mainly by customers finding them through insurance or by seeing their business as they drive down North Oracle Road.

“Those would be the two biggest ways we’ve had customers come here,” said Dr. Mitchell. “But we’ve also done some things with the Oro Valley Town Hall and been to some of the schools and sponsored like high school football and an elementary school. I like the outreach part of that.”

Oro Valley Eye Care offers primary eye care, which includes regular check ups on the health and vision of a person’s eyes.  Other services include: the fitting of contact lenses, glasses, vision rehab, vision therapy and the diagnosis and treatment of different eye diseases.  Lastly, emergency services are offered if a customer is in need of immediate treatment.  

“If they have an eye injury, I can treat a good majority of those things,” said Dr. Mitchell. “If it’s something I can’t treat or out of my scope I know who to give them to. I worked with a glaucoma surgeon before I opened this and through him I made contacts with retina surgeons, cornea surgeons and so on. So if it’s something I can’t handle I have good contacts.”

One benefit Dr. Mitchell finds his customers appreciate is that his business is open on Saturdays, and off and on throughout the year open during the evenings.  This allows customers who work all day to find time in the evening to come in for a check up.

Since opening his business, Dr. Mitchell has always made an effort to spend more time with his patients when they come in for eye check-ups.

“Some of the comments I hear from customers is that we spend more time with the patients as far as the doctor goes,” said Dr. Mitchell. “In some places the doctor will be in the room for five minutes so I like to spend more time with my patients and then I can get a little more feel for exactly what the problem is.”

There are currently only two doctors, one being Dr. Mitchell and the other only comes in once a week. But as the business has grown, Dr. Mitchell says that he is looking forward to soon adding more people to the staff.


Oro Valley Eye Care


Dr. Robert Mitchell



10515 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 145

Oro Valley, AZ






Mon-Thurs 9-5 p.m.

Fri-Sat 8-2 p.m.

Closed Sunday

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