Saying Marana “wants to be business friendly,” new City Manager Gilbert Davidson is vowing “to work very closely” with the Marana Chamber of Commerce.

Davidson, speaking at his first chamber luncheon since succeeding Mike Reuwsaat, said business is “the heart of any city, the heart of any town.”

Marana “certainly recognizes the importance of each and every business. We are connected to each of you.”

City government is on “solid ground,” Davidson assured the Thursday gathering. It is “constantly looking for ways to spread the money a little further.”

Infrastructure — roads, water, sewage treatment and more — are being “maintained and expanded” for Marana’s now-35,000 residents “so we can attract new investment,” Davidson said. “You’re going to begin to see Marana address a number of different issues.”

The community is undertaking a strategic planning process, focusing on the “need to start looking toward the future,” Davidson said.

He mentioned the attraction of more Ritz-Carlton-like resort development, and the creation of “a true Main Street. It’s going to take all of us. We’re committed to that dream.”

Davidson asked for feedback on the community’s development services permitting process. “We want to understand from you what it’s like to go through a development process,” Davidson said.

Davidson, 33, earned degrees in business administration and public administration at the University of Arizona in 1998, and a master’s in public administration in 2004 at the U of A. He was student body president.

He worked as both deputy and assistant town manager in Marana, and previously was city manager in his hometown of Willcox.

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