Teaching the importance of full body strength in everyday life, 23-year-old Jenna Morris, runs her own Pilate’s studio called Jenna’s Pilates and Dance, which opened in 2008. 

Morris is a fourth generation Joseph Pilates style certified instructor. Joseph Pilates is the founder of the exercise and disciplines of Pilates and came from Germany in the 1920s. Joseph taught Roman Kryzanowska who taught John White who then taught Morris.  White is a Certified Master Pilates instructor in Tucson and has been for more than 20 years. Morris completed her Pilate’s certification under him, but said it was not easy.

“You would go into this big huge studio and we would be there for about eight to 10 hours just hard-core working out,” said Morris. “You’re sweating and tired, but get this, it was Saturday and Sunday for eight hours back to back. It was really intense workouts with no sitting around.”

After a couple years, Morris finished with 500 hours of training and teaching and obtained her Pilates certification.  She’s proud of what she has accomplished and is honored to have been under the instruction of White.

“He was very detailed on every move and every exercise you did,” said Morris. “It was important for him to carry on that legacy and style of Joseph Pilates.”

Morris also has more than 17 years of experience in dance, including jazz, lyrical, tap, and ballet.  She’s performed in dance productions and competitions, including “The Nutcracker”, “Annie”, “Mama Mia” and more.  

Her professional training came from the Arizona Classical Ballet in Yuma, and under the instruction of Erika Farrar Romanyuk, who has more than 20 years of experience.

Upon completion of her Pilate’s certification, Morris decided to open her own personal studio. She mainly works with one person at a time as her studio space is not very big and there’s only one of her.  Sessions usually last about an hour and take place at her home.

“The one-on-one works well because I get to know the client,” said Morris. “I try to cater to each of my clients and help them get to where they want to be.  It really is a joy to see when they master something and that is exactly why I love doing my job.”

Pilates is important because it helps strengthen the whole body and a person can do it for life, says Morris.  While there is a time to be serious to get a form or exercise correct, Morris continued, she also likes to provide a fun atmosphere.

“When people come here for the first time they like how fun and relaxed it is and about 90 percent of those people end up returning,” said Teresa Moedl, Jenna’s mom. 

Jenna’s Pilates and Dance offers flexible hours and is located in the Dove Mountain area.

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