With more than 600 locations in the country, Planet Fitness is rapidly expanding its philosophy of the Judgment Free Zone as it recently opened another location in Oro Valley on Feb. 2. 

Planet Fitness is about having a relaxed, uncompetitive environment where members can workout and not feel judged.  This is where the emphasis on their Judgment Free Zone comes into play.

“We go on the other end of the spectrum of the gym experience,” said Scott Nelson, the Director of Operations for the Tucson and Phoenix locations. “We accommodate the 85 percent of the population, which are those who have never been to a gym, are afraid to go to a gym or where there is a lack of familiarity. Coming into a non-competitive atmosphere helps that.”

The interior space of Planet Fitness is around 14,000 square feet, the equipment and walls are yellow and purple and there is always a staff member on hand to greet members, even though the fitness center is open 24/7.  Besides weight machines, free weights and cardio equipment, Planet Fitness also offers hydro massage beds, tanning, total body enhancement, half off cooler drinks and free fitness training.

Once a person becomes a member, they are offered a fitness trainer work with them to put together a fitness plan that will meet their specific goals. According to Nelson, this allows members the opportunity to create a positive lifestyle change.

“The free training definitely is a draw for people,” said Nelson. “Having a trainer set out specific goals for a person is always helpful.”

Planet Fitness is not only in Oro Valley, but is also located on 4848 N. Old Oracle Road across from the Tucson Mall. Nelson said he is happy they were able to put a new location in Oro Valley. 

“We had been wanting to get this spot in Oro Valley, because we love the community here,” said Nelson. “The residents are excellent, the town committee has been incredibly supportive and this plaza, we just had to have it.  We are really lucky to be here today.”

Business has steadily been growing at the Oro Valley location and Nelson is confident they will continue to grow.  

Scott Beatty, a current member, likes Planet Fitness because of its 30-minute workout area. This is an area that has timed interval and cardio training.  A light that changes from green to red signals to a person working out that it is time to either rest or move onto the next machine. A person doesn’t always have time to do a workout that’s more than 30 minutes and that’s why the 30-minute workout is so good, said Beatty.

Planet Fitness is planning on expanding more throughout Tucson, with plans to open as many as 14 locations in the region. 

Currently, there are two Tucson locations, and in Phoenix there are four.


Planet Fitness


10525 N. Oracle Rd. 

Oro Valley, AZ 85737 




Open 24/7

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