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Personal Trainer Mike Haas pushes back on Stephanie Henderson’s leg to stretch it. Body Basics offers one-on-one and small group instruction and help.

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With a passion for people and exercise, owner Chris Litten, was motivated at an early age to become a personal trainer and ended up starting his own business, Body Basics, in 2004.

Body Basics is a group of personal trainers who help their customers learn more about healthy nutrition and fitness.  They offer group classes, one-on-one training and bootcamp sessions.  The focus in all of these sessions is to help people understand how to better take care of themselves and live healthier lifestyles.

Having his own weight set by the time he got into sixth grade, Litten says he has always been passionate about fitness.  He was actively involved in sports throughout high school, some of college and was often found in the weight room. 

“Being in the weight room and doing sports really helped build my confidence and assurance of who I was, especially because that was something I struggled with as a kid,” said Litten. “I knew that I had a love for fitness and exercise and it’s always been a place of security for me so that’s what really made me start thinking of wanting to become a personal trainer.”

With only one semester left at Arizona Western College, Litten left and ended up getting a job at Metro Fitness, which is now known as Platinum Fitness.  Because of his obvious desire and determination to learn more, he obtained a position as a floor trainer even though he had no degree or certification.  He later got some certifications, one of which was from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  He went back to school some years later and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of Phoenix.

Once all of his schooling was completed, Litten opened Body Basics on West Ina Road and North Oracle Road in a building that was just less than 1,200 square feet.  By 2010, they moved to 1631 W. Ina Road, where they are currently located.  One of the advantages to moving was the increase in space that allowed for more equipment and more room to move around.

For the last of couple years, Litten has seen nothing but growth with his business.  One of the reasons according to Litten is that they work with other facilities when helping a client.

“We are comfortable telling people if we know something or we don’t.  We are personal trainers here not physical therapists,” said Litten. “We work with our clients and their previous physical therapists so that we can know the best way to help them.  I don’t think personal training facilities are doing that to the extent that we are, so that’s a competitive edge for us because we have relationships with other places.”

Above all, Litten says that the most rewarding part of being a personal trainer is seeing a person’s growth in confidence.  One person that comes to mind for him is Kim Griesmer who suffered a brain injury at age 21 and that Litten has worked with for over 10 years.  She went from barely being able to move a side of her body to now being able to bicycle on that side and walk some without much assistance.

Litten’s hope for Body Basics is that it continues to help and serve people through encouragement, help and education.


Body Basics

1631 West Ina Road, Suite 111

Tucson, Arizona 85704


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