Costco Drive

Costco Drive road improvements are expected to begin on March 17 with an estimated 50 days to complete.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Road improvements to the half-mile strip on Costco Place and Costco Drive will begin on March 17 and are expected to take 50 days to complete.

The existing asphalt will be removed and be replaced with pavement that is thicker and more resilient. Additional time after the 50 days will be given to upgrading handicap parking in order to meet ADA requirements and needed improvements to the sidewalk, curbs and water meters. The cost of the project is $750,000. Most of the funds will come from the Highway User Revenue Fund. The last major improvement to the road was close to 10 years ago.

“It’s in a condition where it’s in need of repair right now,” said Mac Murray, project manager for the town. “Our sincere attempt is to get the work completed as quick as possible and have two-way traffic as soon as feasible.”

Access to businesses will still be available during construction. All motorists will drive on a one-way loop that starts at the south Costco end and exits at Horizon Hills.

“It’s good to stay ahead of problems. You don’t want a road to become so full of pot holes to the point that you have to do major work for an extended amount of time,” said Public Information Officer Rodney Campbell. “This is an example of the town looking ahead. Now is the time to do it. It doesn’t make any sense to wait.”

The Town of Marana will be spearheading the project and is appreciative of the patience and cooperation of business owners and residents. Several meetings have been held with local business owners to listen to any concerns they may have as well as to keep them up to date on the projects progress.

“We want them to be aware of how the project is going to progress because we know that this hurts business, but hurts customers too,” said Campbell. “We’ll be making sure to give businesses and residents updates on the projects progress.”

Traffic notices and construction updates will be sent frequently to the media and local businesses. Updates to the public will be available on the Town of Marana’s Twitter, Facebook and Marana 365 blog.

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