Home Furniture of Tucson

After opening in June, Home Furniture of Tucson owner Jeff Baker said he looks to fill a niche in Tucson, and will continue to be customer friendly.

Hannah McLeod/Explorer Newspaper

Off to a good start after opening in June 2012, Home Furniture of Tucson strives to give fast service and treat each the customer as an individual.

“We don’t want to pressure people to buy something,” said Jeff Baker, the 62-year-old owner of the store. “We want them to come in and look around and if they have any questions we know they will come to us.”

Baker has worked in the retail business for most of his life. He worked for his brother, who owns a furniture store, and also was in the retail saddle business for 20 years in Arkansas.

Recently, he decided to move back and said he felt like Tucson needed another furniture store after so many closing in the past couple years.

Home Furniture of Tucson is located on 6026 N. Oracle Road, which is in a small shopping plaza.

“We’re just trying to fill a niche here,” said Baker. “We feel like the economy is starting to turn around and come back.”

So far the business is doing well as Baker said that it continues to grow each month. One of the main reasons he thinks it has done so well is the type of customer service and products they offer.

“People like the furniture we offer and we aren’t about aggressive selling,” said Baker, who believes that can drive people away from the store. “We want to bring a level of humanity. I come from a small town where it’s like that and I want to bring that kind of atmosphere into the store.”

Another important element is providing fast customer service. Baker said that the store offers decent prices and wants customers to trust that they will give them the product they deserve.

“If someone gets a piece of furniture and we say it will be to them in two weeks than we should have it there at that time. If it won’t arrive on time we’ll call them. People appreciate that instead of them having to call on the day they expected their furniture asking ‘where’s my furniture you promised?’” said Baker.

Although making money is important to the continual running of the store, Baker said that helping people is also very important and he hopes that his store will continue to provide that.

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