Ebay Trading Assistants

Judy and Richie Ravner own eBay Trading Assistants, which they started more than seven years ago. The Ravners sell items for their clients on eBay and try to get them the price that they want for it.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Not quite the everyday job, but it is one that is very helpful for their clients. Judy and Richie Ravner, sell items on ebay for people and have been running their own business of eBay Trading Assistants for the last seven years.

The Ravners work from home for their business and are around the clock busy working with clients.  They sell for third parties and after discussing how much the client wants for selling their item, the Ravners get online to sell.  But, unlike what most may think, selling an item on ebay is not easy.

There are a lot of rules and one in particular is that ebay only allows authentic, real items and not fakes to be sold.

“If we get a purse it needs have the authentic and original name on it for us to be able to sell it,” said Judy. “The authentication of it is very important.”

When the Ravners receive an item, the first thing they need to do is find whether it is authentic or not.  This requires research of that particular item.  For example, if a sword is being sold the Ravners must research the time period of the sword, the markings on it and the condition of it as well.  If they find it’s authentic then they have to prove to the buyer that it is; information and pictures taken of the item do this. Richie takes pictures and Judy often does the research.  The research part of the job is what Judy likes best, especially when dealing with historical items.

“You don’t know exactly what historic items will go for, but those are the ones that we have a lot of fun with,” said Judy. “For example, one civil war item we sold we had to search the Internet to find the history behind to find if it was authentic.  It was like having history come right before you; it was amazing what we found.” 

The job is not all just fun research but long hours of hard work to make sure that their clients are getting the best price for their item and that the item is shipped safely to their buyers.  The Ravners have shipped to around 49 countries and in the process have built valuable and trustworthy relationships with other businesses.

“We don’t claim to know everything about every item,” said Judy. “Over the years we have established relationships with certain buyers and if we have an item we know they’ll want, we sell to them.  If we get an item we don’t know much about, we know people who know a lot about those items and we ask for their help.”

Now after seven years of running the business the Ravners have over 16,000 feedbacks and are currently at 100 percent positive.  They have also sold over 70,000 items.

Their website holds contact information for those interested in having them sell their items and their blog tells stories of interesting items that they have sold. For more information, visit the website at www.joedawolf.com.

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