Brad Williams

Brad Williams is the owner of the new Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers restaurant, which recently opened in Marana.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

There’s a new hamburger joint in Marana, with the opening of Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.

Brad Williams, along with wife Linda, opened the new restaurant, at 3725 W. Orange Grove Road.

Williams left his work as a lawyer to get into the restaurant business, and had specific reasons on why he chose the Freddy’s franchise.

“Linda and I had a foster girl who worked at the original Freddy’s,” Williams said. “She never complained, she liked going to work and Linda and I started learning more about it.”

After visiting the original restaurant, learning about the family atmosphere and principle concepts, Williams said they became more serious about opening their own Freddy’s.

At Freddy’s, frozen custard is such a signature part of the menu that it’s included in the name. But, the Freddy’s story doesn’t begin with dessert. It all started with hamburgers in the 1950’s in Wichita, Kan.

Wichita was home to World War II Veteran Freddy Simon, who the franchise is named after.

The Freddy’s steakburger is inspired by the 1950’s style staple and reminiscent of an era focused on quality, cooked-to-order meals that bring families and loved ones together.

In working to open the first Freddy’s in Wichita, Simon’s sons and accomplished restaurateur, Scott Redler, worked to recreate the recipe that lived up to the timeless standards of their father’s generation.

The new Freddy’s opened last month in Marana, and has the family feel of an old-fashion diner, which Williams said is the goal. With booths, open space and red stools at some of the tables that children are already fighting over, Williams said they are pleased with the finished product.

There are 59 Freddy’s restaurants throughout the U.S., which now includes Marana.

Liking Arizona and the Tucson area, Williams said they are planning to open a second location at Broadway and Kolb later this year. In total, there are 150 Freddy’s franchises in the development stages.

Williams said by the time they are done, they hope to have four or five Freddy’s openings in Arizona.

For now, Williams is celebrating his first success. The grand-opening celebration was held on Friday, with the Marana Chamber of Commerce hosting the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Williams said he and his wife have no regrets in choosing Marana as their first location.

“Marana was exceptionally nice to deal with,” he said. “Utilities bent over backward to help us.”

When it comes to becoming a restaurant owner, and leaving behind the life he knew as a successful attorney, Williams said there are benefits.

“This is more fun,” he joked. “I get to stand out here at the front door and greet people who come in here. I get to say we are proud of the food we put out.”

Freddy’s menu is extensive with the franchise staple, the steakburger, as the primary focus, there are also other hamburger and cheeseburger selections, chicken, Chicago-style hot dogs, which all come with Freddy’s fries.

Most of the entrees cost under $10.

On the dessert menu, Freddy’s signature custard can be ordered plain or as a sundae. The variety is extensive.


Location: 3725 W. Orange Grove Road

Menu: Burgers, fries, hot dogs and custard

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