Parting ways with personal belongings after decades of loving use and tender care can be a difficult process, a struggle Linda Vlamakis is well aware of. Whether taking in the trinkets of a down-sizing senior, the collection of a local art lover, hand-crafted furniture or a wide array of jewelry, Vlamakis sees it all, and sells it all at Begin Again, the “mindful resale shop.”

Located at 7961 N. Oracle Road, Begin Again opened last Labor Day, and has since grown to encompass a collection of consignment of more than 1,500 individual items from nearly 300 members of the local community. Vlamakis looks to “upcycle” her products as she calls it, by facilitating from one loving home to another the movement of a variety of high-quality goods.

“I just love the word ‘upcycling,’” she said. “I want things to be clean and relevant enough for people that are just getting out there setting up households—they can buy things that others are done with. So I always have to be mindful of what’s current.”

Part interior decorator, part assessor and part curator, Vlamakis’ touch has turned Begin Again into a space more reminiscent of a hip gift shop than any second hand store.

Crafting such an inviting space takes some experience, and Vlamakis isn’t a new face in the consignment industry. She said she has worked for years sorting and pricing items, and setting up monthly estate sales in the Tucson region. While there are several options for second-hand goods, Vlamakis said Begin Again stands apart from other similar businesses because of her ability to know what people want to buy and how much they are willing to spend.

Vlamakis said she wants to help anyone downsizing their estate, and to provide a way to get rid of belongings in a more reputable way than internet dealers or online listings. New items are brought out daily, though everything is given plenty of time in the public eye. For the bits and pieces that don’t sell, Casa De Los Ninos receives as donations.

While some of the smaller knick knacks last around two months at the store, Vlamakis said she will keep more decorative pieces like artwork and furniture for longer periods of time.  Though there is a wide array of goods in the store, the one limitation is clothing, of which there is a single rack.

What first began as a single show room has defied all expectations and taken up the majority of Begin Again’s roughly 2,000 square foot space. Though business has ramped up in less than a year, Vlamakis said she is far from finished. 

“I envision growing out of this space,” she said, “staying in Oro Valley and looking to include more furniture so that I can be kind of a one-stop-shop for people.”

Begin Again is located on the southwest corner of West Magee Road and North Oracle Road, in the Entrada De Oro Shopping Center, anchored by Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market.

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