Bringing the outdoor feeling into an indoor setting, Solana Outdoor Living focuses on outdoor landscape and maintenance.

Solana Outdoor Living specializes in custom design, restoration, new construction and maintenance of pools and spas, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, water features, pavers, turf, lighting, walls, irrigation and decorative concrete.

Solana Outdoor Living is located at the intersection of Tangerine and Thornydale roads near the Fry’s Food Shopping Center.

General Manager Julie Festerling said they got the building about a year ago, choosing this specific location because of their maintenance work with the residents at the Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain.

Festerling said after researching the area, they found out that Fry’s Food brought in a lot of traffic, which they figured would help their business.

“This is a great part of town because it’s really growing up here,” Festerling said. “The cool thing about it is that most everything in here (the store) is either on consignment or has been donated by vendors who we work with. They see the potential in this place and that we’re going to sell their product. It’s like a community partnership.”

The business was once called All Seasons Desert Landscaping and has been around since the 90s, but in 2007, they changed the name to Solana Outdoor Living.  The change of the name also brought a change in the store.  

Solana Outdoor Living not only does maintenance, but also helps build landscapes-something they didn’t focus on previously.

“We help to design it, build it and maintain it,” said Festerling. “So that’s what we’re hoping to accomplish. We want to help them implement their dreams.”

Solana Outdoor Living is slated to open at 12090 N. Thornydale Rd. Ste. 104, in the next two weeks.

For more information, visit the website at, or call 742-6247.

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