There’s a new Parkinson’s group meeting being held at the Catalina Elks Lodge on the third Monday of every month. The first meeting was held on March 19, at the Elks Lodge, located at 16045 N. Oracle Rd.

Rick Pasko is the Support Group leader. Payton Davies, a Support Group leader out of Sun City, assists Pasko.

Pasko is a 40-year Elk member from Seattle, a 1958 graduate of the University of Arizona, and a diagnosed Parkinson’s patient.

Pasko said in transferring his Elks’ membership to the Catalina Mountain Elks Lodge, he witnessed how friendly and benevolent the members are.

Pasko soon contacted Cynthia Holmes, a 20-year director of the American Parkinson Disease Association.

Pasko and Holmes soon decided that the Elks Lodge location and membership would be a good fit for a Parkinson’s Support Group.

The format of the meetings is to provide professional information, direction, guidance and fellowship to those with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.

Holmes, Pasko and Payton plan on devoting part of their time with caregivers who need help on how to understand and how to handle the personality changes in a Parkinson’s patient. There are two basic signs of Parkinson’s, freezing or stalled movement, and those with uncontrollable tremors or muscle movement.

Patients are encouraged to attend the next meeting on April 16, starting at 2 p.m.

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