Jim Click Automotive continues to grow its successful, family-owned business with its recent opening of Jim Click Used Cars Northwest, which is the company’s first used car dealership and 10th store in Tucson.

The new location has more than 1,000 used vehicles available, ranging from work trucks and sports cars to family cruisers and large SUVs. Services and parts are available at nearby Jim Click Automotive locations, the closest being at the Jim Click Auto Mall, located off West Wetmore Road.

The family-owned business began with the birth of Holmes Tuttle, in 1905. Ten years later, Holmes older sister had a son - that son was Jim Click Jr.’s father. The younger Click is owner of the Jim Click Automotive dealerships in Tucson. 

Tuttle’s first job in the car business was at the Ford Motor Company in Oklahoma where he made only $5 a day. After three years of working there, a friend suggested that he and Tuttle move to California. The move proved to be one of the best decisions for Tuttle as he worked his way up from the parts department to sales manager and eventually was given the first Ford franchise on the west coast.

“He had a burning desire to make the name Tuttle mean something,” said Click. “He then became one of the most successful Ford dealers in America.”

Tuttle didn’t just give his time and efforts to the car business. He also invested in the community. One of the most impactful ways that he did that was through encouraging and supporting Ronald Reagan to run for governor of California and then later run for president. 

“Here’s a man, in my opinion, who helped change the free world,” said Click. “Ronald Reagan was probably one of the greatest presidents ever.”

While Tuttle continued to run a successful business, Click finished school at Oklahoma State in 1966, and five years later moved to Tucson where he partnered with his great Uncle Tuttle by buying into Pueblo Ford. Click eventually changed the name to Jim Click Ford, which soon became a Ford dealership that was recognized nationwide.

“We had the idea of becoming one of the best Ford dealers in the country,” said Click. “It was no secret. We just took good care of our customers and we took great care of the people who worked for us. I am truly loyal and excited about the people who built the business.”

Click credits a portion of the success to his 47-year partnership with his cousin Bob Tuttle. There is no signed partnership agreement between us, said Click. The two men’s business is built on trust and a respect for each other. Another large portion of the success is credited to the Jim Click Automotive employees.

“I truly think we’ve got the best people,” said Click. “The reason we’re successful is not the franchises, not the locations, not me.”

Jim Click Automotive is among the top 15 dealerships in the country. Click has 10 dealerships in Tucson and six Tuttle-Click dealerships in Orange County, Calif. He likes the locations he has established and as for now has no plan of expanding his business outside of them. For more information about Jim Click Used Cars Northwest, the newest location, visit www.jimclickusedcars.com.

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