Paul Cutler, the owner of 25-year-old Cutler Landscaping Inc., in Marana, thinks of his business as a "survivor," not because of undergoing a catastrophic event, but rather because of his positive outlook toward the business landscape.

Cutler moved the business, previously located on the Frontage Road near the site of the state's new Twin Peaks exchange onto I-10, to a 1-1/4-acre parcel at 5461 W. Cortaro Farms Road, where he's working with the town of Marana on annexation plans and a rezoning request.

Cutler Landscaping performs custom residential work, such as designing and installing outdoor kitchens, barbeques and fireplaces, Cutler said.

"We did an advanced relocation through a state program because of the Twin Peaks interchange work that was going to happen," Cutler said. "We found the property on Cortaro Road, moved and set up business again with very little headache."

Cutler Landscaping is in the process of working with Marana to annex a strip of seven properties on the south side of Cortaro Farms between Hartman Lane and Cerius Stravenue, and then rezone the annexation for commercial use. Currently the zoning allows the landscaping business use, but Cutler intends on opening a retail center on his property.

He noted that a Quik Trip gasoline and convenience food shop is planned for the southeast corner of W. Cortaro Farms Road and Cerius Stravenue.

"We'll still have the landscaping portion of our business, but I also want to open a fountain and pottery center that ties in with it," Cutler said. "I plan on calling it the Perfect Pot, selling large pots and pottery with specimen plants and cacti in them, and making it the best location on the Northwest side for one-stop landscaping and landscape design shopping."

Cutler said he expects the annexation to take about four to six weeks, and once that's done, he'll work with the town on the rezoning issue.

"The town has been very helpful and it's a pleasure to work with them," Cutler noted. "They're willing to sit down and listen to a business owner who wants to make a pretty big change, and still help us through that process." Cutler added that he's been working with Marana's planning department and town attorney.

Through the dislocation, uncertainty and economic downturn, Cutler continues to have a positive outlook, which he cites as a key to success.

"A business can't grow without change and the move turned out to be a good change for us," he said. "We used to have 60,000 drivers a day going by our sign on the Frontage Road, and now we have nearly as much traffic, but they're driving by at a slower speed so they can see our sign and stop in. So we survived the move and we're looking forward to expanding our business."

Cutler Landscaping

5461 W. Cortaro Farms Road

Specializing in custom residential work, such as designing and installing outdoor kitchens, barbeques and fireplaces, pool and spa work, water features, retaining walls and more.

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