It's been nearly 10 years since the Gallery Golf Club Restaurant opened its doors, yet the upscale eatery continues to attract diners with a mix of comfortable ambiance, fabulous views and seasonally-changing quality food.

Located at the Gallery Golf Club at 14000 N. Dove Mountain Blvd. in Marana, the 4,500-square-foot restaurant underwent a renovation last winter that expanded its size and updated its décor. The Gallery preserved what food and beverage director Tom Meade called "the gorgeous, comfortable ambiance that's paired with our attractive variety of menu items."

Meade stressed that the Gallery restaurant is open to outside guests, as well as members of the golf club. While the population in the Dove Mountain development area has grown, as has the Gallery Golf Club's membership, Meade said the restaurant's demographics haven't changed much.

"We get a lot of traffic from the general public," he said. "I'd estimate that approximately 40 percent of our business is from outside guests."

Brian Steiner, the Gallery restaurant's executive chef, said he changes menus three or four times a year to reflect the change in seasons. For instance, Steiner noted in summer he lightens the menu with more light-fare items such as seasonal salads, while in winter, he'll have more hearty offerings like chili on the lunch menu instead of summertime gazpacho.

The Gallery's summer lunch menu features a selection of salads, among them the Cobb salad, which Meade termed "one of the most popular lunchtime salads, along with our Southwestern salad." The Cobb features grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, egg, diced tomato and blue cheese crumbles on mixed greens, while the Southwestern has marinated beef, grated cheese, jicama, roasted corn, house-made pico de gallo, black olives, chipotle dressing and tortilla strips over mixed greens.

Other salads on the menu include Shrimp Louis, BBQ Chicken and Summer Greens. Sandwiches and wraps are available in the form of California burro, cashew chicken wrap, halibut sandwich, BBQ pork sliders, turkey club, classic angus burger, and others.

Dinner entrees popular with diners center on red meat and seafood, Meade pointed out, with the Gallery's grilled 16-ounce bone-in rib eye steak a #1 choice, followed by a new addition, lemon pepper shrimp with jicama and mandarin orange cole slaw.

"The philosophy of our food is that it's approachable and comfortable," Meade said. "Where we get more adventurous is with our daily specials."

Steiner concurred. "I like to present food that people can relate to, but perhaps in a way they may not have seen before," he said. "I try to put my personal flair on the food we prepare."

Steiner said that for some dishes, he tries to take old classics and present them in a new way; for instance, introducing dried fruits and contrasting flavors from spicy to sweet into some of the lunch salads.

"For dinners, I like to go to both ends of the spectrum, with accessible foods like steaks and other meats, and bring in different concepts," Steiner said.

Each day the Gallery has a different lunch special, with a recent offering being Jamaican chicken with red beans and rice. Dinner specials include seafood and pasta offerings nightly.

Recent dinner specials Steiner has created include seared tuna and calamari over a mixed salad with snow peas julienne and a ginger soy dressing, as well as broiled tilapia and stuffed crab, where Steiner said he tried "to hit all parts of the tongue — sweet, salty and savory."

For pasta specials, Steiner turns to his two sous chefs, who recreate classic pasta dishes like chicken limone.

"We try to please everybody when they come in," Steiner said. "We want them to have a comfortable, enjoyable meal in a gorgeous setting."

The Gallery Golf Club Restaurant

14000 N. Dove Mountain Blvd., Marana

Lunches and dinners

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