Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has been named 2010 winner of the Arizona BioIndustry Association “Fast Start Award.”

The award recognizes the “most significant for-profit bioscience company headquartered in Arizona and founded on or after Jan. 1, 2008,” a release said.

“It is an honor to be recognized by AZBio for our initial progress,” said Jeffrey Jacob, chief executive officer of Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals. “With a lot of hard work and some phenomenal stakeholders -- which includes the UA and National Cancer Institute -- we are in position to do something very special with CPP.”

The company advocates “a war on ‘precancer,’” Jacob said. “Don’t wait until you get cancer, treat the risk factors; especially if you are in a high-risk group like certain genetic disorders or a cancer survivor.

“This approach has been highly successful in reducing death rates from heart attacks and strokes (cholesterol lowering and blood pressure lowering drugs) but has not been successfully applied to cancer in a broad way.”

The Tucson-based company is a biopharmaceutical company developing cancer prevention therapies to reduce the risk of cancer for people with elevated risk. The company is initially focused on colon cancer; however, CPP has therapeutic prevention approaches for skin cancer, neuroblastoma, breast cancer, and prostate cancers which will be developed together with the National Cancer Institute and multiple academic partners.

CPP’s founders, some of the most highly respected leaders in preclinical and clinical cancer prevention research, have pioneered the development and exploitation of key pathways implicated in cancer risk: polyamine synthesis and inflammation.

“These two processes have long been implicated in cancer development but never successfully utilized together to exploit and treat cancer precursors until now,” said founder and chief scientific officer Dr. Gene Gerner. “The best way to create and develop prevention therapy is to use a ‘combination’ approach that incorporates the best scientific, drug development, and regulatory tools available.”

CPP was been awarded nearly $245,000 in federal grant monies for its eflornithine project.

Additional information about Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is available at

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