Continuing to provide venous care at the Northwest Hospital Medical Plaza, Total Vein Care offers its patients friendly, high-quality and quick service.

Thomas R. Elliot, M.D. and the doctor at Total Vein Care, has been practicing as a general and vascular surgeon for more than 25 years. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine as well as a board certified general surgeon. Dr. Elliot’s work at Total Vein Care primarily involves treating patients who have venous disorders such as circulation problems, blood flowing backwards through the veins, and twisted or dilated veins.

With the advancement of technology, Dr. Elliot can treat his patients with precision, in a short amount of time and have the procedure result in a quick and painless recovery. The ultrasound is one of the tools that best serve patients who come to Total Vein Care. The ultrasound is a benign test that involves no needles, risk, pain or radiation. The sounds waves generate images of the veins and help Dr. Elliot diagnose the problem.

After that a procedure can be done directly in the office where a local numbing medicine is administered and a minimally invasive procedure is done. Often times, a patient has the vein removed by a catheter, which is minimally invasive.

“Once the procedure is done most people don’t describe that they are in pain,” said Dr. Elliot. “I have people come and get it done on their lunch hour and then afterwards go to work without any pain.”

Dr. Elliot was one of the first in Tucson to perform a minimally invasive procedure back in 2004. Procedures were being done to a large number of patients in Europe before being adopted by the U.S. Now the procedure is more commonly used.

Total Vein Care offers complimentary visual screenings, sclerotherapy, ultrasounds, varicose vein treatments, perforator venous incompetence treatment, wound care treatments and deep vein thrombosis screening, cosmetic laser treatment and compression stocking fittings. The website offers additional information for patients who are wondering what a procedure may look like and why they may need to get a procedure.

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