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Cecilia Tesch, who is Sofia Rubbani’s medical assistant, takes an appointment reservation at Tucson Cosmetics.

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From those living in Tucson, to those living all around the country who all want to improve their looks and feel better about themselves, they have all turned to Sofia Rubbani, who has her business, Tucson Cosmetics, in the Northwest, 400 W. Magee Rd.

Rubbani, who is Board Certified in Ocular Surgery, Fellow of the American Board of Ophthalmology, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery – it all adds up to one thing – people seek her out.

She received her undergraduate and graduate degree from the New York University of Medicine. After which, she opened her own private practice in Long Island. There, she built up a clientele spanning from big-named bankers and top fashion models to people living in the Middle East and those living in the city.

But the pace and lifestyle of New York started taking it’s toll on her and her family, which happened to be around the time when a family friend suggested they visit Tucson.

“I landed and I said, ‘I love this place. It feels like home,’” she recalled. “And I never felt like New York was home even though I was born and raised there.”

Over the course of about two years, Rubbani split her time living and working in New York, while traveling to Tucson. Then, she made the switch to living and setting up a practice in Tucson, and visiting New York to occasionally meet with clients.

Whether she is in Tucson or in New York, she brings her expertise with her.

Though she is well versed in numerous forms of cosmetic services like Botox, chemical peels, acne scar treatment and many other options, Rubbani’s self-proclaimed specialty is Thermage, which is a treatment in which a laser is used to lighten, smooth and contour the skin.

Her skills in Thermage are so good that she has given lectures to hundreds of doctors on her techniques and procedures. And when her patients leave after having a procedure done, they are pleased with the lack of pain and bruising they encountered when going to other treatment locations.

She said her skills came naturally to her, but attributes them to how she was growing up.

“I was always artistic, but never got to express that in high school,” she said.

With the push from her parents to study academics rather than art, she felt her talent went to waste, until she found her current profession.

“I feel like this kind of expresses that scientific, yet, artistic side. I always have used my hands when I was younger – with sewing, or crafting or just doing art – I was always just creating things.”

Now her canvas is a belly that is a little too saggy for one’s liking, or a chin that hangs too low, lips that one feels are too thin, or eyelids that droop to a point that it affects their self esteem. But when she is done working on a person, and she has taken away that part they don’t like about themselves, that is what she loves.

“That is the best compliment ever,” she said. “I recently had a patient who said, ‘Wow, it looks so natural, and I look pretty.’ That is the best compliment you can give me as a patient. Because it makes me feel better that I was able to make them feel better.”

To find out more, go to tucsoncosmetics.com, or call (855) 929-2020.

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