Alex Demeroutis loves her job. As Vice President and Events Director for the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, she gets plan events, help the economy, and most of all, she loves working with people.

Demeroutis is an outgoing person, you have to be to hold her job, but genuinely enjoys the people she works with.

She works with a small crew at the chamber, with just her and President/CEO Dave Perry as the only full time employees. Greg Spadinger is a part-time employee who focuses on member services. Demeroutis feels they make a great team, which is one reason she enjoys what she does.

“We are a really good fit,” she said.

In achieving success in her job, Demeroutis said forming good relationships is the most important part of what she does, and oftentimes the most rewarding.

“It comes down to relationships,” Demeroutis said. “Fundamentally we connect with people.”

She has forged some strong bonds with chamber members and has seen people really come through for each other.

“What is most touching about it is that most people are willing to do things for you and work together,” she said. “If we come together there is this greater good thing going on.”

Being a community-service oriented organization, Demeeroutis plays a key role in organizing fundraisers and programs aimed at assistance.

Two of the chamber’s biggest events are aimed at collecting donations for student scholarships and hosting the annual food and clothing drive.

 “All of the donations and word-of-mouth come from our members,” Demeroutis said. “It’s so heartwarming and makes it easy to do our jobs.”

Obviously she wears many hats at her job. She plans roughly three events a month, plus five bigger annual events. She is also the chamber’s electronics guru of sorts, keeping their presence vital on social media. Mostly, her job and the chamber’s job is to help people, whether it is a member business or a new person moving to the area.

Demeroutis grew up in the Marana area and still calls the northwest part of town home. She attended the University of Arizona and got a degree in marketing from the Eller School of Business. She served as a corporate event planner and marketing manager and was working for a business that was a chamber member when she met Perry. Little did she know that soon she would be working for him.

“He was so genuine and approachable and I approached him searching for other opportunities,” Demeroutis said. “It was sort of serendipitous. The next day he wrote me saying the chamber was looking for an events coordinator and I said, ‘I can do that.’”

Perry said he is pleased with her work.

“Alex has worked for our chamber going on three years. We’ve made real progress, and Alex deserves much of the credit,” he said. “She’s self-starting, enthusiastic, and genuinely bright, with terrific organizational and technological skills. We wouldn’t be where we are without Alex.”

Her work with the chamber is intended to bolster the economy of the town of Oro Valley, but she sees it being more important than that. As a native of the area, she has seen so many of her friends get their degrees and leave. She feels that by bringing higher paying jobs to Oro Valley, and the surrounding areas, that it will help everyone.

In working with the Town of Oro Valley, she has learned the importance of the entire region becoming stronger. Although her focus is Oro Valley, she knows that having a number of prosperous areas in southern Arizona will only aid the town in the long run.

“In my time with the chamber I have become educated about how each town and municipality needs to work together,” Demeroutis said. “I want to see it all grow. We want to see the whole community grow.”

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