Leaving behind two family-owned, independent agencies in Michigan, Dan Scott, made his way to Tucson 12 years ago and opened Frontier Insurance Concepts with his father, Jim.

Scott comes from a long line of insurance agents within his family, starting with his grandfather, then to his father and now down to him. Even though he was already licensed in insurance, Scott decided to go to college at Fair State University where he finished with a Bachelor’s degree in insurance and real estate and a minor in finance. Upon completion he wasted no time in telling his father that he wanted to leave the snowy climate of Michigan and start his own business elsewhere.

“I wanted to start from scratch as opposed to take something over,” said Scott. “By 2001, my father was tired of the snow as well so he sold his businesses back there and we moved out here. We went 50/50 and started Frontier Insurance.”

For over a decade the two ran the business until Scott completely took over after his father’s retirement last year. 

Frontier Insurance Concepts is an independent agency with complete personal and business insurance services. It represents 10 companies and is tucked back inside a cluster of other businesses on North La Cholla Boulevard across from the Foothills Mall.

Even with the business’ steady development, Scott says there have been some bumps in the road due to misconceptions that people have about insurance.

“People tend to have in their mind that going through an agent it’s going to be more expensive – common misconception,” said Scott, who says that direct companies spend a lot on advertising and in turn effect the amount of premiums that are given out. “That’s why the direct guys aren’t cheaper and that’s why we beat them by quite a bit.”

Scott takes pride in how his business has done and emphasizes that providing friendly service to his clients and giving them only what they need is important.

“We try to set your policy like we would set our own up,” said Scott. “We try not to push things on people that doesn’t fit their scenario. I think that’s why we do so well.”

For now, Scott wants to solely focus on growing Frontier Insurance Concepts, but does admit that expanding the business into other parts of Tucson is something that he believes could happen sometime down the road.

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