Pima College ribbon cutting

Pima College officials were on hand last week to celebrate the grant-funded resource center. Participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Ed Gallagher of the Campus Resource Center, left, Jerry Migler, PCC provost; Michael Tulino, vice president of student development; Donna Gifford, vice president of instruction; and Alex Kajstura, president of the Northwest Campus.

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Pima Community College hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week to celebrate the newly-renovated Campus Resource Center.

“We have all new computer workstations, tables, chairs, carpet, and technology (wireless connectivity to monitors, instructional iPad program, iPad ovens, clicker response system and more) to create a warm, engaging and dynamic learning environment for students, faculty and staff to use,” said Michael Tulino, vice president of Student Development at Northwest Campus. “We created eight new study rooms, a Faculty Technology Engagement Center with state-of-the-art technology, expanded space for adjunct faculty, and spaces for individual and small-group studying and tutoring. We also placed greater technology in classrooms, such as Smart Boards and Short Throw Projectors.”

The redesign of the Campus Resource Center was funded by a U.S. Department of Education Title III grant under the Strengthening Institutions Program. The grant provides funding of about $400,000 per year for five years totaling $2 million dollars to support the following: 

Redesign of the Campus Resource Center to create a 7,200-square-foot Engagement Center to better support the needs of faculty, staff, students and administrators.

Redesign and piloting of six to eight key classes each year to support different instructional modalities, as well as different student learning styles and promote greater student retention, persistence and graduation,

Provision for added professional development (such as  workshops) for both full-time and adjunct faculty to improve classroom instruction and provision for support and services for struggling students:

Academic tutoring and supplemental learning.

Technology to better support student engagement and the teaching and learning process.

Improvement of student academic achievement and persistence each year.

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