It’s called Torc Body Contouring.

For those unfamiliar with the relatively new technology, it’s a bioelectrical stimulation that mimics the brain’s electrical signals using Torc II technology, which sends current through self-adhesive electrodes placed over an individual’s muscles, causing 100 percent of the muscle to contract and expand, effectively exercising the target area (abs, legs, butt, arms, or back), and in the meantime ridding the body of toxins found in fat cells through lymphatic drainage, thus tightening sagging skin, toning and strengthen muscle, and reducing inches and cellulite. 

In layman’s terms, it’s the gym without the gym. 

Steve Nielsen, a Tucson-area native and Chief Executive Office of 7e Fit Spa, saw a business opportunity less than a year ago that took advantage of the Torc II machine’s technology. He immediately jumped on it.

“I ran into the Torc machine on an article online, which said the technology was trying to break into the U.S., utilizing technology from Europe and India,” said Nielsen. “It had just gotten FDA approved, so I bought a machine.”

A former personal trainer with 30 years experience in the fitness and spa industry, Nielsen soon realized he had made a smart investment – one that provided unparalleled results for clients. 

In a single Torc II session, he saw clients losing as much as three inches from the waistline. In what is the commonly recommended six sessions, he was seeing clients lose upwards of 12 inches.

“With personal training, that would take someone three to four months, going to the gym three to four times a week to see those results,” he said. “It was too good to be true.”

After profiting $50,000 from his lone Torc II machine in his single Indiana spa, Nielsen saw the bigger picture forming. Clients were in high demand, and he was ready to meet those demands.

Nielsen formed a partnership with the overseas manufacturer of the Torc II, which not only gave him exclusive rights to the machine, but also allowed him to open up 16 more spas across the country in less than a year’s time. The average spa now produces between $600,000 and $700,000 annually.

“It’s growing very fast, and that shows you there are results,” said Nielsen. 

Every one of the managers in each of the 17 franchised locations has also been a customer, Nielsen added.

“They have all seen the results for themselves,” he said. 

One of those customers was Linda LeClair, now the manager of 7e’s Tucson location, located at 6261 N. Oracle Road.

She detailed the three Torc II options available to customers.

*(Level 1) Classic vector – effective for lymphatic drainage, deep toning, edema and pain reduction, and muscle preparation for second-level therapy

*(Level 2) Power sequence – effective for muscle strength and endurance, shaping, and body contouring

*(Level 3) Dynamic Rotation – effective for deep contouring, tightening of sagging muscles, increasing blood circulation, and jump-starting weight reduction (along with suggested diet).

LeClair says the results of body contouring, particularly when completing the six-session therapy, do not soon fade.

“As long as you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing some minimal walking, or a little bit of working out, the results will stay for a long time,” she said. “It takes years to build fat up in your body, so it’s going to take a long time to put that fat back into your body after you’ve toned and tightened the skin.”

While in some cases the spa therapy serves to replace gym workouts, it often also serves as a fitness supplement.

“It inspires some people to start working out even more,” said LeClair. 

But for customer Amy Aulicino, a mother of three, finding the time to work out has been difficult. The Torc served as a great alternative.

“I’ve been doing the Torc for two months,” said Aulicino, who now works at the 7e spa in Indiana. “People have noticed that I look better, but more importantly, I feel better.”

After completing a Torc session, it is recommended an individual drink water equating to half their weight in ounces. Slight soreness or tingling is to be expected in the 24-48 hours following the therapy, and frequent urination is to be expected. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided, as should working out the area targeted during the therapy. 

Individuals with a pacemaker, metal implants, or cancer cannot participate in Torc sessions.

Other than the noted precautions, Nielsen says there are minimal side effects with the process, save for soreness and occasional reactions to the gel used on the electrodes.

7e Fit Spa additionally offers services including micro-current facials, microdermabrasion facials, LED light therapy facials, ultrasonic peel facials, and an infrared sauna. 

Because 7e Fit Spa deals factory direct, facial prices are about half the price or less compared to other spas.

For more information on 7e Fit Spa, visit

The Tucson location can be reached at 797-1111.

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