Having run their business out of a home, Pools By Design, moved into an office building in February across from the Foothills Mall on North La Cholla Boulevard.

“We felt it was time to move into a building because we had added employees,” said owner Ken Larison. “We want an attractive studio that customers can come to select materials and be helped.”

Larison, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in landscape architecture, started Pools By Design in 2009 with wife, Maryanne, who has been a manager and design consultant in the pool industry for more than 10 years.  

Before starting their own company, both worked for other local pool companies.

Pools By Design helps customers design their own pool and backyard design. Larison wants to continue to hold the reputation of not only designing beautiful pool landscapes, but also taking into consideration exactly what the customer wants and fulfilling that idea.

“We design for them. There is no obligation on the customers part to design the pool,” said Larison. “We make sure to take their idea and consider to what degree we can make what they want. We will even make changes in the process of making the pool in order to satisfy our customers.”

The process of designing a pool starts with meeting with the customer to determine what kind of pool they want.  After that is the process of designing a concept plan, figuring out costs, getting permits and then preparing engineering for the project. All of this, plus the completion of the project, often takes around two months.  

“We want to make the pool and outdoor area the most functional and attractive,” said Larison. “We are much more hands on with customers than probably most companies. We are there on a day to day basis.”

One of the main ways that Pools By Design has stayed in business and continues to grow is through referrals. 

“Our business’ growth is almost entirely through referrals. By having less customers we can focus on each project more, which customers like,” Larison said. “When it’s all done, people usually tell us it turned out nicer than they expected.”

Even though Pools By Design has a good reputation for their pool services, they are always looking for areas to grow and improve their customers’ experiences.

“We want to make sure that every customer is happy with our final product,” said Larison. “Pools By Design is a Tucson company and we may grow (expand to another location) but for now we are satisfied with where we are at.”

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