Northwest sees all phases of roadwork
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer, The Tangerine Farms Road project will provide commuters a direct route from I-10 to the Gladden Farms development when it opens June 25.

Drive in any direction in Oro Valley or Marana, and it won’t take long to reach one of many months-long road projects.

Some projects, like Tangerine Farms Road, are in the last weeks of construction, while others like the Twin Peaks interchange project remain in the preparation phase.

Road widening along Thornydale Road between Ina and Orange Grove roads is about halfway done. Because many businesses reside along this corridor, monthly meetings are set up to inform owners about construction progress. The most recent meeting was held a few weeks ago at Dream Dinners, on the northeast corner of Orange Grove and Tangerine roads.

“For John and I to get in in the morning, it’s difficult,” said Lynda Reeves, who co-owns the meal preparation store with her husband.

Aside from that, both Reeves said the construction has had minimal impact because their business does not rely heavily upon walk-in customers.

Other businesses have adapted the way they deal with the ever-changing condition of the road.

Carmal Sheppard is a manager at California Closets, not far from Orange Grove and Thornydale roads. While the construction isn’t on his doorstep, he constantly radios the trucks and vans that drive to and from the store on the best way to get around the construction, minimizing time spent waiting in traffic.

Road widening seems to be the project-du-jour in the Northwest.

Another high-profile project aims to widen a section of Silverbell Road between Cortaro and Ina Roads to five lanes. The six-month project will see the road reopen in November, with the whole project wrapping up in early-2009.

“What’s interesting about Silverbell is not only are we doing the grading work for the road …we’re doing the grading work for the new park site,” said Marana Town Manager Mike Reuwsaat.

One of the projects yet to begin is the Twin Peaks Interchange / Camino de Mañana straightening, which would provide an easier way to get from Interstate 10 to Dove Mountain. Marana is in the midst of negotiating purchases for the land needed for both projects.

The Twin Peaks interchange project should go to bid in the fall, Reuwsaat said.

Among the latest projects to conclude is the Tangerine Farms Road construction, which officially opens on June 25. The road will provide an easier connection from the interstate to the Gladden Farms development in Marana. New stoplights will be installed at the Tangerine interchange to regulate traffic.

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