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Athena Storey of Studio Dental.

Courtesy of Athena Storey

It’s tough enough to open a new business, particularly when it’s a dental office in Oro Valley, a town already fairly saturated with such practices. But that’s exactly what Athena Storey did in 2010 when she opened Studio Dental, and she did it with no holds barred.  

“This is such a great community to have a practice,” said Storey. “The residents of Oro Valley have been so welcoming.”

With some of the most rare and modern technology in the nation, a friendly, handpicked staff, a record of community involvement, and a practice that prides itself on building personal relationships with clients, it’s no wonder Studio Dental has been so well-received by the community.

When a patient enters Studio Dental, he or she will find coffee and water waiting, magazines to read, television to watch, and soft music to listen to. If this weren’t soothing enough, Storey’s tabletop award for Tucson Lifestyles Top Dentist might just be.

“The award is voted on by your peers, so other dentists and specialists within the dental field will vote on who they think exceed expectations,” said Storey. “I’ve been lucky enough for the last two years, basically since I opened my own office, to be voted as one of the top dentists, which has been a great honor.”

But Storey really isn’t in it for the flash. She is in it because she truly aspires to change her patients’ lives for the better. She is in it to bring back that confident smile and eliminate physical pain or discomfort. She is in it to build a lasting relationship with her clients.

“One of my favorite parts about being a dentist is seeing a client leave with a positive experience, and having them look forward to future visits because of that,” said Storey.

Along with a professional, courteous staff, Studio Dental certainly has the technological support to assure patients have a positive experience. In each operating room, patients can watch a flat panel television from an operating chair they will likely find extremely comfortable.

“The dental chairs in all of the operatory rooms have been body-mapped by over 3,000 patients,” said Warner Hughes, a Patterson Dental sales representative whose equipment can be found throughout Studio Dental.

“80 percent of all humans fit within a certain body-map pressure, making the chair quite comfortable for the average user,” he said.

The office also makes use of CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), a technology that allows for a crown restoration to be made for a patient in a single sitting. According to Hughes, only 12,000 dentists (less than 10 percent of dentists in America) carry the CEREC technology.

The list goes on.

Studio Dental uses digital panoramic machines, another rare technology that can take a full scan of the entire oral cavity in one shot without exposing the client to the typical amount of radiation found in typical film-based X-rays.

Even the office drills are different from the norm. The office uses electric hand pieces to decrease the noise associated with a typical drill, while simultaneously increasing accuracy and cutting ability. The environmentally friendly, paperless office even uses an electronic check-in method.

“This is one of the most progressive offices in the city,” said Hughes. “For such a young office to take a leap of faith in technology like this shows forward thinking.”

Storey and staff are just as forward thinking when it comes to community involvement. Each year, the office partakes in the Greyline Program, an organization that helps underprivileged children from Tucson Unified School District receive free dental work.

Storey also participates in the Give Back a Smile program, one that restores the damaged smiles to female victims of domestic violence by offering pro bono repair work.

“If I can change the lives of my patients, if I can get them smiling again, and have them know they aren’t just another number, I’ve done my job,” said Storey.

Studio Dental is located at 10550 N. La Cañada Dr., Suite 106. For more information on services offered, visit or call 520-575-5576.

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