The Explorer Newspaper is now providing an online resource to make it easier for local advertisers and businesses to find top-notch talent with a program called Total Talent Reach, which is provided by

With tens of thousands of job sites to choose from, trying to decide where to spend recruitment dollars can be frustrating. Posting on multiple job boards, sifting through unqualified applicants, purchasing resume database access, and conducting endless keyword searches for passive job seekers, all make finding the best candidates a costly and time-consuming process. is only about connecting employers with the most qualified candidates.

Total Talent Reach, a program within, is an upgrade to standard online job posting sites, and is a more effective avenue in allowing advertisers to reach and connect with qualified talent. It is designed to generate more qualified applicants with much less effort through a combination of extensive reach and sophisticated matching technology.

Total Talent Reach is about getting the employer’s ad to the right candidate at the right time using the following elements:

The Job Network distribution, which is comprised of more than 1,000 job sites, reaching more than 37 million monthly job seekers.

Access to additional candidates through matching resumes from TheJobNetwork’s vast resume database. Since resumes are matched in real-time based on job requirements, the need for time-consuming keyword searching is eliminated.

Access to additional candidates through an integration with LinkedIn that provides real-time matches to LinkedIn profiles.

Ad optimization helps get an employer’s ad to the top of the search results on aggregator sites and search engines, and pay-per-click ad campaigns distribute the ad to relevant paid sites.

The program works by having an online ad posted immediately to, where the system automatically optimizes the ad for SEO and pay-per-click campaigns. The ad is distributed to relevant sites among more than 1,000 job sites on TheJobNetwork, creating results instantaneously. 

For more information, visit or

To inquire about posting a job, contact The Explorer at 797-4384, ask for Jason Bolton or Katharine Nelson.

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